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IT Solutions & Services
AIGC solutions and services enable our clients with strategic & technoglogical directions to be the market leaders and innovators in the industry.

We are an extension of your company.
Your Success is Our Business.

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E-Commerce Design & development
Compelling, Functional, High Performance Omni Commerce Solutions

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Taking Business to Next Level
Increase Site Traffic and Revenue
Tailored, effective solutions to meet your needs. We are experts at architecting, designing, implementing, optimizing online business to increase revenue, traffic, site engagement, conversion and loyalty.

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Build E-Commerce business
We build E-Commerce solutions with:
Oracle Commerce (ATG & Endeca)
Hybris Commerce
Magento Commerce, ...

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Consulting Solutions

Solutions to fit your need
AIGC service offerings focus on business & IT solutions that increase competitive advantage through strategy, road mapping, right technolgoy selction, solution design, innovation, implementation and support.

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Omni Channel

Seamless approach to consumer experience through all available shopping channels
Provide a customer journey that is dynamic, accessible, and continuous across all channels by applying the right strategies, technogologies and solutions; while staying ahead of the market.

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Performance Tuning & Support
100% Uptime & High Performance
AIGC team has tremendous experience in performance improvement, turning and configurations with a focus in web-based technologies.
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Who We Are

We are an extension of your company

AIGC is a full-service IT Services and Solutions provider for Fortune 1000 companies. AIGC is a leading Services, Consulting, Ecommerce and Technology service firm which creates and engineers top notch systems for our clients.

Your Success is Our Business

AIGC is a client focused company with a business model that is aimed to meet clients needs to be at their forefront of their business by enabling them through our services and solutions that meet and exceed their quality, reliability, delivery and Return on Investment(ROI).

We are a professional group of technology and industry experts driven to the success of our clients.


What We Do

Partnering in you, our client's success

AIGC specializes in IT Services, Consulting, Staff Augmentation, Ecommerce Solutions.

AT AIGC, our focus is to provide World class IT Solutions, Services and products to a wide range of businesses using cutting edge Technologies and top notch Analysts and professionals.

Our Analysts use their tremendous experience and skills to assess, plan, build, excecute solutions and services that lead to tangible business results. We enable a considerable consumer experience, brands, IT solutions and services that are at the forefront of industry and innovation. AIGC's goal is to ensure that clients are able to maximize their ROI and are at the forefront of technology and innovation.

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How We Do It

Partnering in client's success

Our client-centric business model provides optimal mix of senior professionals with right mix of passion, experience, skills and CAN-DO attitude. Our focus is to make sure our clients goals are met within budget and on time.

  • Partnering in client's success.
  • Bringing the best professionals and processes.
  • Bring ideas and execution for client's success.
  • Bring Talent and Technology.
  • Deliver World class services and solutions.
  • Deliver staffing solutions.

Our Services  |  Our Solutions  |  Our Products


Assessment, Strategy, Digital Transformation

Key to Business Success

The key to success for any business is in having the right strategy and using it at the right time and in the right market. AIGC Analysts have the experience and expertise in providing clients with strategic directions to enable them to be the market leaders and innovators in the industry.

Taking Business to Next Level

We can help take your business to the next level by turning strategies into digital transformation, resulting in competitive position, better performance and higher ROI. We offer:

  • ECommerce Strategy
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Business Architecture
  • Requirements Analysis & Definition
  • Marketing
  • Training & Readiness
  • Post Launch Coaching & Support
  • Quarterly Business Review

Assessment, Strategy, Digital Transformation

E-Commerce Solutions & Consulting

Robust, Extensible Omni Channel Solutions

With the ever changing online landscape and technology innovations coupled with need to support multiple E-Commerce channels like Web, Mobile, Social Commerce, companies are under pressure to rapidly adopt, implement while increasing the ROI from existing investments.

"Build E-Commerce business, not a website." Our passion is building tailored, effective solutions to meet your needs. We are experts at architecting, designing, implementing, optimizing online business to increase revenue, traffic, site engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

We provide E-Commerce solutions with:

  • Oracle Commerce (ATG & Endeca)
  • Hybris Commerce
  • Magento Commerce

We deliver E-Commerce solutions as:

  • "Fast-To-Market" solutions with accelerator package
  • Totally customizable and extensible implementation

E-Commerce Solutions & Consulting

Performance Improvement, Tuning & Support

100% Uptime & High Performance

Some of Our Health Check & Performance Improvement:

  • 100% Uptime
  • High Traffic handling capability
  • High volume handling capability
  • Pro-actively identify problems before they disrupt
  • Verify implementation conforms with best practices

Some of Our Performance Tuning & Configurations:

  • Web-Site (load balancers, web servers, firewalls)
  • Applications Servers (JBoss, Weblogic, WebSphere)
  • JVMs (tuning, troubleshooting, memory leaks, ...)
  • ATG (Complete ATG product suite)
  • Hybris (Complete Hybris product suite)
  • Magento (Community Edition, Enterprise Edition)
  • Database (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL)

Health Check, Performance Improvement, & Tuning