Health Check

If you are running or developing e-commerce sites, then chances are you have run into your fair share of issues. Whether they are bugs, poor performance, or stability problems, identifying the causes can be a costly and time consuming exercise.

With AIGC Health Check, we run a comprehensive audit of your complete E-Commerce platform to discover common platform misconfigurations, incompatibilities and errors. Results are presented in a detailed report which includes all test findings, advice on how to resolve errors and warnings, and practical recommendations for optimising your installation.

Why Health Check and Performance Improvement

It is important for an E-Commerce platform to have 100% uptime and high volume and traffice capability and provide the best possible experience to end users and stay ahead of the market. Some of the reasons why you need health check and performance improvements are:

  • 100% Uptime
  • Best possible user experience
  • High Traffic handling capability
  • High volume handling capability
  • Pro-actively identify problems before they cause disruption
  • Quickly appraise the state of existing sites before estimating on new work
  • Verify that your implementation conforms with accepted best practices
  • Demonstrate quality to your clients through an independent assessment

Team, Experience and Technique

AIGC team has tremendous experience performance turning and configurations with a focus in the web-based technologies.

AIGC team members are subject matter experts performance analysis, tuning and configurations.

We have excellent and proven techniques for providing substantial performance improvements in the ECommerce sector.

Success Stories

AIGC team members have successfully tuned and configured systems for many clients including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, HEB,

Performance Tuning & Configurations Areas

AIGC offers performance tuning, improvements and configuration services in the following areas.

  • Web-Site (load balancers, web servers, firewalls)
  • Applications Servers (including JBoss, Weblogic, WebSphere, Glassfish)
  • JVMs (tuning, troubleshooting, memory leaks, ...)
  • Dead locks
  • Catalog design issues
  • Database/Repository design issues
  • Import/Export issues
  • Deployment issues
  • System design issues
  • ATG (Complete ATG product suite)
  • Hybris (Complete Hybris product suite)
  • Magento (Community Edition, Enterprise Edition)
  • Database (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL)

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